Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nexon CEO interview

Kim So-young interviewed Suh Won-il, CEO of Nexon for The Korea Herald. It is very informative article, in which they go through Suh’s past but focus more on Nexon’s business.

In the article, they discuss the phenomenal growth that Nexon has achieved with their popular game titles such as KartRider, Maple Story and Mabinogi. The other contributing factor for financial success, according to 27-year-old Mr. Suh, is that they have stepped up advertising and marketing budgets.

Company has fared especially well on domestic markets, but now they are increasing their efforts to improve their situation at abroad. China is the first natural step. Busy CEO plans to learn Chinese in order to communicate directly with their partners. He has set a goal of being number one in Asia’s online game business. That is a commendable target.
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