Friday, February 18, 2005

Majesco A GBA Enthusiast

I am broadening up my narrow point of view starting to get to know game companies in a bit more organized manner. Majesco is the first on the list. Compact little company that has profiled itself especially as a maker of GBA content, but they also have products on other platforms. For me, this company appears to have potential as a take over target, because of their relatively understandable focus. Good addition for some big game company that wants to bolster their mobile front.

Analysts have mixed opinions what comes to this company. Just recently stock price dropped markedly and analysts have been busy in restating their views. As I said, mixed bag, ranging from stable to market outperforms. Without going into the numbers, it looks like they have some serious challenges to grow organically. Luckily the competition on GBA titles is not as fierce as it is on consoles. I will add this to my watch list.
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