Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Eidos linked to News Corporation

Ancient enemy is raising its head again. Well, not really, it is only Rubert Murdoch’s News Corporation that it once again in the nexus of game industry speculation. Both and wrote about growing speculation over possible Eidos deal. Buyer could be, as earlier mentioned, News Corporation.

This is no surprise, in my earlier analysis of this situation I set a hypothesis that News Corp. will go for Eidos, but will not settle for that but goes on and acquires at least another game company from overseas. Rob Fahey seems to have fairly reliable information sources, so the deal could really be just a matter of time.

If Eidos will be off the markets that will effectively cut UbiSoft’s acquisition possibilities. It is merely theoretical possibility that UbiSoft could have bought Eidos as an attempt to stave off Electronic Arts. Now UbiSoft does not have any other suitably cheap opportunities at hand. Trying to buy any other relatively large game company would just take a serious hit on UbiSoft’s stock price and that would anger the shareholders and they would probably resort into selling their shares for Electronic Arts.

Aren’t these exciting times?
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