Monday, March 21, 2005

Yet another Eidos rumor, could it be true?

We are finally getting more news on possible Eidos bid, Bloomberg ran a story about new developments. This time the paper claim that it is SCi Entertainment Group, Eidos’s British competitor.

At last we have news that sound solid, with simple reasoning, this is the most natural way to integrate the game business on the isles. Most of us know what happened to British car industry, the British market is not big enough to support some of the local industries and competition abroad is fierce.

Together Eidos and SCi could fare much better. They would have better distribution to corner their home market and better outposts to conquer foreign markets, not to mention the combined talent that the companies have.

If this deal will go through, Eidos is saved, but the fate of SCi is not that certain. Although financially in better shape than Eidos, SCi is not loaded in cash. It is bit of a gamble from SCi’s part, which could have just waited Eidos to go under and then grab suitable coders from those laid-off former Eidos workers.

Now we can lean back and wait if there are any competing offers, if there are, we will have a bidding contest or maybe even a battle to follow.
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