Thursday, March 03, 2005

Play at work

I already wrote about Nexon, the South Korean online game company that is overshadowed by rival NCsoft. I took a note that Kart Rider is one of their strong titles. I went to their homepage and tried to gather some info from those Korean pages. Googling was tiresome and as I didn’t get lucky, I just gave up and concluded that Kart Rider must be pretty decent title.

Now, thanks to the, I finally got the twist that this game has. Really, really cool it is... hope you don’t mind me writing poetically like this. They have this wonderful feature that allows player to shrink the game window in a flash. Now, if I could be playing online games at work with little help from my game system then I wouldn’t be surprised if my work efficiency would go down. Poor South Korean government, their domestic companies have innovated the work efficiency down the tubes. Nothing good will come from this. It wasn’t only Nexon that had such a handy feature to avoid working, company named CCR has actually applied patent for their “stealth” technology and plans to develop more titles for this new market segment. Hilarious, I must say.
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