Thursday, March 03, 2005

Slips and slops

It is an awful feeling to be wrong! I just got off from writing about some innovative distribution methods of independent game developers and used Laser Squad Nemesis from Codo Technologies as an example. Little did I know that Got Game Entertainment had already announced that they are going to co-publish the game with Merscom. What I can say, but smart move from Gollop brothers. They are going to get more subscribers for the game and possibly a nice share from retail sales, well that of course depends on their negotiating power.

Funny thing this blogging, one never has enough patience to do proper background check. It is all about putting out that one idea that is bouncing in your head. Another actor in industry that has been putting out is IGE that slipped into sloppily guarded fan community of Vanguard – Saga of Heroes. IGE made few juicy offers, which some fan site operators could not refuse. Other people did refuse and now the whole some-day-to-be-player community of this game is in turmoil. The game’s developer, Sigil Games Online, doesn’t want to have anything to do with IGE, but IGE just can’t pass any opportunity to grab more virtual goods market share.
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