Saturday, March 22, 2014


This list will update the first of every month. My TOP three in preferred order the rest not so much.

THE FIRST - Raychul Moore - Gravity defying! She just has to be on top!

THE SECOND - Tara Babcock - this is for the cleavage and strong language

THE THIRD - EmmaExegames - She really puts out nice videos and she has the looks and you know what they say about women with sizeable noses...

THE REST - Melonie Mac - vivid and comes with lots of make up

THE REST - Amelia Talon - very hot but talks so slow that I forget what she was saying

THE REST - Kelly MrsViolence Kelley - deadly player

THE REST - LethalXPrincess - uh... have to get back to this

THE REST - I'll put her on top as soon as she posts more

THE REST - Spaaamantha - Spamming Samantha?

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