Monday, March 24, 2014


Ok, let's keep this short and sweet. The biggest bottle neck in Clash of Clans is the number of builder's huts. If you can't build or upgrade you are dead in the water so the goal in the game is to have as many huts as possible. You can buy two right off the bat but it gets more and more difficult as you need to pay them with gems.

You can get gems from tidying up the neighborhood and completing achievements. Unfortunately it is all very low key and time consuming except one item and that is Sweet Victory! achievement. Even as a new player this achievement is fairly easy to accomplish. You just need some archers and money to pick up just the good fights.

Quite a few players build their base so that their town hall is completely out in the open and by taking that one building down you win the fight. So basically drop couple of archers to a right position and wait your way into victory. Repeat until you get 1250 trophies. Afterwards you'll get hammered, but so what now you have three huts and can develop your setting much faster. Here are some examples and if you find your base among the lot, please let me know and I have a special thank you package for you...

Notice how gold keeps on going up while elixir fluctuates. Reasoning behind this is obvious, I don't use any gold and raids always give some gold while I occasionally spend quite a lot of elixir to build new troops to destroy the ones lost in previous raid.

Oh, one more thing, I didn't win them all, sometimes there are dragons lurking in the clan fortress...

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