Sunday, April 20, 2014


I've been using Google Alerts to follow Zynga articles and news. I have noticed one alarming trend from Zynga's standpoint.

About 20-30% of everything caught in the Google bot net is related to Zynga Poker. That is either evidence on how stupid Facebook users are or on the importance of Poker for Zynga.

It makes a worrying scenario to think how a game company is not focusing on game content innovation but instead into a distribution channel. After all it is a sales channel strategy if you take a public domain game and present it to a new audience.

If your competitor wants to have your pie all they need to do is to pay more and grab that channel. Well, ok, I admit that it is not that simple those poker friends inside Zynga game also do count.

They really need to start innovating instead of managing business and cutting costs. I'd pull my money out of this stock if I had any. Maybe you should also consider what to do with your stocks.
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