Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ubisoft considers media concerns

This twist has been widely distributed, La Tribune, Market Watch,, Ferrago etc. Yves Guillemot commented that it could be interesting to team up (merge or something like that) with sizeable media company (Walt Disney or Time Warner) or with an equal game company.

To me it is quite strange how he wants to team up with big media company. Ubisoft would not be in balanced relationship in such a deal. Media giant would just absorb them and turn this little puppet into content transformer - let's make every popular series and movie into a video game...

I would be looking into arena of innovative and technologically advanced companies like Pixar, DreamWorks or maybe some special effects companies. This match would create (well, sure it is only my opinion) very interesting talent pool that could be sold for even higher bundle of money or that could function as an innovative industry leader. In this respect, a merger with a smaller video game company could be the most logical solution as there are no special needs to integrate operations and find special synergies.
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