Thursday, May 04, 2006

Small can still beat big

Under is my post from my mobile phone games blog.

Many have been asking why a relatively small publisher and distributor, PlayerX, got Miami Vice into their stables. Because they care their partners, that’s why. They offer excellent service that can overtake bigger competitors who have degenerated back to corporatism. Now all they need to do is to produce a great game, easier said than done... Original news source The Inquirer has a picture of Miami Vice detectives. Do they look like Sonny and partners, what do you think?
Anyway that got me thinking. Will it always stay the same? Small and hungry players come to the market. These can be found in some industrial complexes running away from high rents. They do everything to strech that last mile and they create something wonderful, therefore they manage to beat the big girls and boys.

After the success slow decay starts. More people join the company and they are more interested the benefit package than working somewhere at skid... Company grows and leans towards management and total shift from innovation to evolution happens. It is time for some small player to come along and challenge the biggies.
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